Top 10 Archive Books

The Top 10 Archive books include Tim, Kyle, and Harry. This story involves three teenage boys who just happen to be good at doing magic tricks in the end of the story. The Top 10 Archive book: The Berenstain Bears stories takes place in the magical world of the Berenstein Bears. Each of the characters in this story have names like Bart, Zuzu, and Leon.

The Big Bad Wolf is another book that appeared on the list. While many of the stories take place in a big city, this book takes place in a small town where most of the inhabitants are undead or evil. The Big Bad Wolf book includes five short stories including The Final Horsecock, The Wolf at the Door, The Hungry Wolf, The Dogs in the Street, and The Werewolf Book.

The Black Brush Book is another story that appears on the list. The Black Brush Book involves a man who has a brush named Frederick, which he uses to get himself into trouble. The Black Brush Book takes place in a strange country in a time when the city ruled the land. The Black Brush Book includes Catching the Spaz, The Butterfly Book, The Stone Circle, and Feral Theories.