Top Ten Sad Anime Deaths

The top ten saddest anime deaths is a question that has plagued anime fans for quite some time. On the one hand, there are those that believe that any anime death is saddening enough to rank among the sad ones; however, there are others who cannot abide by such rules and insist on viewing the worst examples of anime deaths, no matter how bad they are. The only known rule that they are willing to adhere to is that anime death is only sad if it happened to a beloved character or if it was meant to be depicted as sadistic, cruel, or even gruesome. They insist that the gruesome anime deaths, such as Guts’ killing of Casca at the hands of Griffith, are not sad at all and that they could even see a smile form on their own faces when they see it. Those who agree with this point of view claim that such anime deaths are indeed sad and can even be considered very ugly and painful, but they insist that such anime deaths happen to the character or characters in question in order to complete the action and show that what they did was done correctly.

While there are those who agree with them, there are those who claim that watching an anime death is just not a good thing to do for its own sake. Many claim that viewing anime death simply to get a laugh is not a good thing at all, because if they were to watch some of the sick and twisted acts that anime shows have done, they would surely be traumatized and even angry towards anime. While there are those who may actually enjoy watching anime such deaths, there are also those who insist that there is nothing wrong with watching anime such deaths because it is not the anime who is meant to die, but rather the viewers. There are those who believe that watching anime such deaths is indeed justifiable and would argue that it is better to see them rather than being horrified and upset by what happens.

Since anime death is undeniably the most gruesome and horrific anime death in existence, there is no way to predict which anime characters will die in the next few episodes. However, the current number threeanime death of all time is none other than Reikenzan the Sandman. However, the list of sad anime deaths in anime history has a long way to go. What will be the next anime death on the top ten list?